5 Things meme

Clive Shepherd has tagged me on the 5 things meme/internet chain letter. Originally I felt slightly ambivalent about this – reading some of the 5 things you don’t know about me listings towards the end of 2006, they struck me as a rather unsubtle way of making oneself the centre of attention to no purpose. On the other hand, Clive’s 5 things manage to be interesting without being self-congratulatory, so I will carry on, but with a slight twist. 4 of these things are true. One is false. Which one?

  1. I took two years off before going to university – one programming PDP-11s and saving my wages, and one travelling around Africa, spending what I had saved. This taught me both the potential of computing, and my limits as a programmer. It also taught me that travel doesn’t broaden the mind, thinking does.
  2. On the superb Which Superhero are you? test I turn out to be: Honest and a defender of the innocent; lean, muscular and … feminine. In other words: Superwoman. Obviously I have a side that I need to get more in touch with.
  3. I lived in Istanbul for five years, during which time I worked as a teacher, journalist and translator. I have continued my love of languages, including English, but my Turkish is no longer much use beyond the kebab shop.
  4. My middle name is ‘Horatio’. Apparently Nelson is a distant ancestor. My sister is called ‘Florence’ because of a claimed family link with Florence Nightingale.
  5. I play in goal for the ‘Belmont Academicals’, a five-a-side football (soccer) team made up of dads from my children’s school. With an average age of 41, we are about 15 years older than most of our opposition, but are still top of the league – something we are absurdly proud of. (Of course by the time you read this, this last bit may no longer be true.)

In the chain letter spirit of this meme, I will tag the following to continue it:

David Wilson

Donald Clark

Nigel Paine 

Colin Steed


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