Three great days

IITT Awards 2007 Full SizeWhat a great Wednesday and Thursday – the days of the eighth Learning Technologies Conference, which I chair. We had great key note sessions from Chris Yapp and Donald Clark, and a wonderful discussion at the end with Donald and Charles Jennings. Great numbers at the conference, and a real buzz around – people engaged in the sorts of conversations which are the best part of organising these things.

Then things got even better…

… I come home on Wednesday from the conference party to find my blog stats are way up, thanks to an unsolicited post from Thomas Otter, entitled ‘An HR blog well worth a read…’. Thanks, Thomas. I will do my best to get back to the core matters of Human Capital Management reporting next week, and post up a page of useful links.

Thursday night, it’s off to the Dorchester Hotel for the swanky annual awards dinner of the Institute of IT Training.  This is a great event, a huge networking and catch up opportunity, plus pleasant conversation and wine … and this year, a surprise. I was presented with the Colin Corder Award for an ‘outstanding contribution to IT training’, handed over by QA-IQ’s John Kaufman and Sky Presenter Lucy Alexander (sorry you didn’t make the picture, John).

It’s a great honour, as is the puff that Colin Steed, IITT chief executive gave me in the associated press release.

Friday, it’s back on the phone for our weekly InfoBasis management meeting. Then off to a pleasant lunch with my lovely wife, whom I haven’t seen for most of the week. When I come back, I discover that the stats for the Learning Technologies blog are jumping, and that membership of the ‘Learning and Skills Group’ is going through the roof.

That’s a great way to end the week. Now it’s time to get back to work.

5 responses to “Three great days

  1. Hi Don. Great blog. Your feet touched the ground yet? Just a thought: why not do as Colin has done and link your blog into the IITT Connect site home page?

  2. Hi Annie – I considered that, but as the IITT Connect site is password-protected, I didn’t think it would be useful for most visitors to this blog. Or am I missing something?

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  5. Wow lovely picture you are such a handsome couple! I don’t know much about the awards but seems a relevant one. From what I read I think you deserved one for caring and the concern you have for your country. Congratulations!

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