Bike rides and the goal meme

I completed my 32-mile Thames Bridges bike ride for the Stroke Association yesterday. Many thanks to all those who helped me reach my £300 sponsorship target (although if you would like to contribute byeond that, feel free!). Despite the light-to-medium rain it was a pleasant three hours criss-crossing the Thames. The final, extra 6 miles of busy roads that I chose to cycle to a railway station were through torrential rain and rather unpleasant, but relieved by a cup of sweet tea at the end.

During the ride I had a chance to think about my recent goals tag from award-winning blogger Ev Nucci, whose Resource Economics blog is well worth reading. Ev lists some 10 goals in detail. I’m going to keep high level. My four goals (in no particular order) are:

  • Do the right thing
  • Make a difference
  • Keep learning
  • Reflect

Whittling my goals down to these on my bike journey, they seemed full of insight. In black and white on Monday morning they look rather more like something from Despair. Still, each one carries meaning for me.

So, who to tag? This time, it’s simple: I am going to tag people I have never met, but whose blogging I have enjoyed. The advantage of choosing people I don’t really know is that I hope they will feel happy not to respond if they would rather not.

My tag list then is:

 I look forward to learning more about their goals.

9 responses to “Bike rides and the goal meme

  1. Donald,
    Thanks so much for doing this meme. You know Aristotle said, “The Body is most fully developed [at] from thirty to thirty-five years of age, the mind at about forty-nine. The gods too are fond of a joke.”
    Congratulations on your bike ride. I have found memories along the Thames during my years in England as a student. If you have a chance you should see the last time I took my oldest son to London on business at Flickr. He fell in love with the city. My hope is he attends London School of Economics or Oxford when he’s done at Columbia!

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  3. Hi Don, thank you for including me for the goal meme. I will post my goals ASAP.
    I wanted to invite you to join my College 2.0 network,

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  5. Congratulations on you ride and reaching your goal! I can’t imagine riding across the Thames that many times! I like how you have narrowed this down to four areas. Now that Explode is back up, I’ll be able to look in more often. What kind of tea?

  6. Kelly thanks for the comment. I have no idea what type of tea it was, except that it was in a polystyrene cup, strong, sweet and very welcome. When you’re soaked to the bone and a little weary, a cup of Earl Grey just doesn’t cut it.

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  8. I’ll tell you what tea it was and how to make it. If it had milk and was sweet and soothing it was most probably the strong Indian varity. Earl grey is too delicate, the aroma and flavour are best without sugar and milk. This one would be made as follows:
    Take 1 cup water, while it boils add 1 tea spoon sugar.9 Boiled sugar aids cold relir, I would add grated 1 spoon ginger and a pinch of black pepper) Add three-fourth tea spoon normal tea, the one you get at retails strong and dark. Within a minute of adding tea leaves add one-third cup milk. Bring to single boil, strain and have with nice cheese toast. Seems I am hungry, or the housewife kicking in? Well cool blog. And at this stage I believe we must share and whenever something stirs our soul just give in and help.

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