Recruitment, Talent Management and a bit of a joke

Talent Management for a lot of people still equals recruitment. Sure, they’re closely related, but they’re not synonymous. There’s more to both sides of the equation than that.

Like what people might think of your organisation before they join.

So, to push the edge of this blog and provide some light relief after a couple of posts on the UK skills base and competencies (essential, but tough going), here’s a question:

Which of these organisations would you sign up for?

  • Ernst and Young, Germany
  • Appalachian University
  • LA Police Department
  • Connected Ventures

Connected Ventures – who? Ah, read on, gentle reader. After seeing how they represent themselves on video, you may decide to change your mind….

Beginning with Ernst and Young, Germany: 

I’m inclined to agree with Herr Karge: Im ersten Moment war ich mir nicht sicher, ob dies eine Parodie sein soll (at first I wasn’t sure if this was meant as a parody).

For extended reaction, see Johnnie Moore’s posting on this (and thanks to him for finding it).

Compare and contrast with this Connected Ventures video.

They did all that in one take. No wonder they got bought out last year. Now contrast with:

Appalachia – where’s it’s always 1974.

Hollywood production values in LA, naturally. But does that just make it fiction?

Moral: before HR gets all excited about their new Talent Management Suite, they better make sure they’re talking to marketing or whoever is producing those recruitment videos.

5 responses to “Recruitment, Talent Management and a bit of a joke

  1. I agree to your interesting article. Hollywood values cost credibility. By the way, the first E&Y-video is an American. Germans haven`t enough humour. Fortunately – in this case 😉

  2. Armin, thanks for the correction – doesn’t that make it a little scarier? I was hoping that mistranslation might account for something in mitigation.

    (Also, your reply demonstrates that reports of the death of humour in Germany have been greatly exaggerated.)

  3. Let`s continue the Top of the (Business) Pop.
    What do you think about this?

  4. Armin – I just don’t know what to make of this. Two clearly talent guys, but I would rather have heard them sing a bad song of their own than a re-hash of a great one that makes them look silly.
    On the other hand (hat tip to Jason Corsello), here is a FANTASTIC video of real talent that can’t help but express itself:
    The comment string of Jason’s is interesting too:

  5. In the meantime I have seen the final. Real talent! No comparision with the quality of the German winner of the equivalent competition…

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