New blog on the block: Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham’s blog has been up and running since last month, and is worth a visit.

Jon is the author of Strategic Human Capital Management, and is a consultant who’s actually been there and done it as a former HR director.

What I like about Jon’s blog is that he’s not afraid to give himself the time to explore issues in depth, and they are usually issues I have a keen interest in, notably human capital, UK skills policy and the role of technology in all of this.

Go on, take a few minutes for a visit this afternoon.

One response to “New blog on the block: Jon Ingham

  1. Hi..

    Iam interested in knowing if “standard labor categories” play any role while contracting out of IT services.

    In other words, how do skill descriptions of employees influence IT contracts whether they be fixed firm price contracts or time and labour or performance based contracts.

    Is standardization of labor categories considered a best practice for sourcing IT services or negotiating contracts?

    Has standardised defination of labor categories/ skill sets by organisation such as SFIA in UK and NWCET in the US, been adopted by IT services buyers and providers in procurement process?

    Warm regards and thanks,


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