Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations

I’m honoured to have been asked by George Siemens to speak at an online conference – Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations, which runs Nov. 15 – 20, 2007.

My session, entitled Capability management: opportunity, threat or hot air for L&D? will be on Friday 16th November at 15:30 in the UK, 9:30 am CST. There’s no charge.

I chose this topic because other speakers are more clearly focused on either the implementation detail or big overview of corporate learning and development (L&D).

But I chose it for another reason, too: the L&D community needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

My work straddles the L&D Community (the Learning Technologies Conference) and Human Capital / Capability management (InfoBasis). And while I see plenty of InfoBasis clients interested in improving the effectiveness of L&D programmes, I don’t see enough traffic the other way.

There’s great opportunity right now for L&D to use the current interest in Human Capital and Capability Management to improve what it does, and to play a strategic role in the organisation. After all, the L&D department is the place which has – or should have – the closest relationship with employees and their competencies.

With that relationship, it should be straightforward for L&D to produce a valuable data to help their employer organisations over some of the hurdles pinpointed in the recent IBM Human Capital Management survey.

But there’s another possibility, too.

L&D could allow itself to be so bogged down in the minutiae of delivery, and so excited by the delivery possibilities of the plethora of new technologies that it misses this opportunity. Someone else will end up doing it – possibly someone from operations, and they will probably have to learn a lot of things about competency and knowledge from scratch in so doing.

In other words, there’s a distinct chance that the L&D department could suffer the same fate as HR: demanding a strategic voice from the sidelines, while fiddling with the details of implementation.

Other speakers at the Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations conference include:

Tony Karrer

David Snowden

Jay Cross

Rebecca Stromeyer

Richard Straub

Clark Quinn

Steve Mahaley

Gaurav Rastogi and Jai Ganesh

Keith Resseau

Janet Clarey

David Wilson

Rae Tanner

Bill Bruck

George Siemens  

Although the conference is free, registration is required. I hope to see you there.

4 responses to “Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations

  1. Very interesting conference indeed.

    The broader trend, as I see it, is that of intangibles valuation.

    How L&D, and I would say HR at large, moves on the Human Capital analytics front is definitely key. It will define its role in corporations strategy towards future value creation, that is intangible assets development.

    The relation between Human Capital development and intangible assets development is already being studied. Quite soon it will be high in corporate agendas.

    I guess the issue is for HR to become the premier business partner of the CEO (alongside CFO) or fall back to administrative tasks.

  2. Guess what? Your blog is amazing! I can’t remember when was the last time i’ve overcome such a good blog that almost all articles/posts were interesting and wouldn’t regret spending my time reading it. I hope you will keep up the great work you are doing here and i can enjoy my everyday read at your blog.

  3. Luis – I think you’re spot on. Someone will handle the whole business of intangibles in the future, because someone will have to. Will it be HR? Let’s see…

    Daily Facts, I am delighted at your enthusiasm. Be careful, though, as someone else seems to be copying this comment and posting it on other people’s blogs! A Google on ‘i can enjoy my everyday read at your blog’ reveals that the naughty person has done it at least 43 times – and all on November 9th! Goodness me, they must be desperate. I do hope you find out who it is.

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