Softscape vs. SuccessFactors

A big thank you to Jason Corsello, who has been trying to make sense out of the suit – counter-suit action between Softscape and SuccessFactors.

It’s a messy business that puts nobody in a good light, but here’s the gist of what’s been going on:

  • Softscape placed sensitive information about SuccessFactors and its products in a PowerPoint presentation, which was apparently used internally.
  • This document was then circulated by a ‘John Anonymous’ to a targeted list of SuccessFactors customers and prospect, as well as vendors, analysts and other influencers
  • SuccessFactors soon found out about it and sued Softscape for all sorts
  • Softscape counter-sued because … oh well, heck, because they could

Jason has been doing a great job of keeping track of this through this post and an earlier one. He asks three pertinent questions:

  1. How did Softscape get access to all of the the information in the presentation not obtained on the demo site?
  2. Who is “John Anonymous”?
  3. How did John Anonymous get his hands on so many highly targeted email addresses?

To which I would add a fourth question:

     4. Why?

Given how poorly Softscape comes out of this in terms of public perception, it can’t have been an executive decision there, surely. And given how much of SuccessFactors’s time this is wasting, surely it can’t have been anyone there.

And yet what would any individual hope to gain from this?

4 responses to “Softscape vs. SuccessFactors

  1. I read another interesting article and I was smiling at the v-learning thing. How true, never thought of this. Really why do we call it e-learning and I kinda agree, yes this might be intimidatng to people who dread technology. Learning is learning the medium of delivery should not matter but… well, in a way it matters unless it is an ILT the human presence of an instructor is avoided and that makes all the difference. I know that this can be made possible by video conferancing but then the presence of another human who can take you out in the sun to explain things or come near you and rest his hands on your table is different. Somehow I cannot forget my English teacher Alini’s lovely voice as she read my favorite poem, well the lines-miles to go before I sleep, still kind of vibrate in my mind. Specially when I am stuck in a bad phase and I have to remind myself-I have promises to keep. I am not able to figure out which blog I read this article on doing away with e in e- learning so I just post this comment here. I apprecite the fact that you do not publish these comments as I tend to write off-track stuff, thanks Donald.

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  3. Don –

    I know you’re on the other side of the pond but you might want to see the latest in the SuccessFactors/Softscape fight. I summarized yesterday’s court filing here:—suc.html

  4. Hi Brian

    Thanks for the tip. An excellent post – I will be following your commentary as this one unfolds.


    (At times like this, don’t you just wanna be a lawyer?)

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