Spellman boost for managerial skills

Ruth Spellman started on Monday as the new CEO at the CMI (Chartered Management Institute).

Spellman is most famous for her 8-year tenure at the top of Investors in People(IIP). Although some saw its standard for investment in people as a pointless box-ticking exercise, I reckon that an organisation like IIP is essential in any developed economy.

While at IIP, Spellman oversaw some suitable initiatives, such as the setting up of an HCM Standards Group and research such as Measures of workforce capability for future performance.

Managerial skills in the UK are not good – hence my recently invented category Ghastly farragoes of UK incompetence (slim, but bound to grow) – so it’s a good time for someone like Spellman to come to the helm, as the appointment press release suggests in the opening paragraph:

Ruth intends to use her position to call for a greater focus on the high level skills needed to build UK competitiveness and productivity. She will also call on employers to take greater responsibility for the development of their management and leadership teams, so that UK organisations are better equipped to meet the conflicting demands of Generations X, Y and Z as the ‘multi-generational’ workforce becomes a reality.

Good luck, Ms Spellman. The UK watches with interest.


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