Taleo’s acquisition of Vurv part 2

One month on, the comment continues. This one has certainly – rightly – attracted plenty of comment. Almost all of it is positive (excluding my mildly sceptical stance). Here’s some comment worth reading:

Kutik raises the point, rightly, that Taleo has long stuck to “one standard and configurable application”, which has always seemed to me the right approach. If they are doing more than just buying Vurv’s customers, the key question has to be whether they can integrate what they want from Vurv’s less integrated platform. (And which pieces they will integrate still seems unclear.)

Leighanne Levensaler spotted at the beginning of this year that 2008 would be the year of TM consolidation, and asked the question every customer wants answered when their supplier merges with another: will it last? She produced a hand check list to help you tell.

Her take on the acquisition sums up a general positive view from the analysts and commentators:

With more than 3,400 customers, the combined Taleo / Vurv company is clearly the number one leader in recruitment management and the largest non-ERP solution provider offering support for multiple talent functions. This acquisition will create very little interruption for customers and prospects in the near term, and has the potential to create one of the most sophisticated talent management solution providers in the market. Ultimately, this is a very positive announcement for the talent management systems market.

In the face of such an overwhelmingly positive reception, it seems that in time I will have to revise my initial scepticism. I’m prepared to be shown to be wrong. But I’m also prepared to wait and see.

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