Kutik’s Competency Kudos

I have recently been listening to HR systems commentator and conference chair Bill Kutik on his podcast: The Bill Kutik Radio Show. This co-production with Knowledge Infusion has an interview with a leading light of the HR technology community every 2 weeks.

My favorite episode to date is probably the interview with Kent Plunkett of Salary.com, because Bill raised my favorite topic of competencies ….

Kent Plunkett, talking about the recent acquisition of ITG Competency Group, says, about 14-and-a-half minutes in:

I think that competencies are going to be the next big strategic move for HR. I think that if you deploy competencies properly it will power your Talent Management and it will allow you to measure … the growth in the talent capabilities of your workforce.

Okay, you might say, Kent has to say this after buying ITG Competency Group in July of last year, but he’s not alone in this opinion, apparently.

Here’s Bill Kutik’s reply:

… every expert says that Talent Management has to be based on competencies or it just doesn’t work…. It is the integrative fibre among the 6 or 7 applications generally considered part of the Talent Management suite.

I’ve never heard it called integrative fibre before, but it’s not a bad term, and the idea is exactly right: pass the data on competencies between applications and you have a coherent talent management overview. Ignore it, and all you have are a bunch of siloed applications with mis-matching data and duplicated effort of data entry, control and interptretation.

This is my hobby horse, of course. For more, just click on the competencies category.

One response to “Kutik’s Competency Kudos

  1. Don:

    Thank you for your comments about the Radio Show. So glad you’re listening.

    Since I don’t have your e-mail, let me publicly explain that we are trying to get the HR Technology Conference better known in the UK.

    A dozen or more of your countrymen attend each year, and frankly, we think we have much more to offer them than the CIPD show. Certainly a higher level of presenters and attendees.

    Anyway, you linked to my bio on the conference website. But if anyone should want to start at the beginning, the URL is http://www.HRTechnologyConference.com

    I would recommend downloading the PDF of the brochure, since like most websites, it is designed by 24-year-olds and is therefore unreadable by those of us over 40!


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