The E-learning Awards

It’s become an essential part of the year: the E-learning Awards Dinner at London’s Park Lane Hotel. Great conversation on our table with awards presenter Angela Lamont, and e-industry maestro Clive Shepherd, ranging from rogue apostrophes to Michael Faraday to – naturally – whether e-learning will be boosted by the current economic downturn (the consensus: yes).

I spent the awards part of the evening scribbling the results on my conference programme. Quite unnecessarily, as it turns out, because they are all available this morning on the awards web site. I’m sure the PR will soon hit on Training Press Releases, but I notice nothing this morning. Could be something to do with a 2am finish and a lot of empty bottles.

Key moments of the evening included:

  • NCALT picking up two awards and a special mention – showing the police leading training development
  • The ubiquitious Nick Shackleton-Jones picking up an award for his work on rapid development at the BBC
  • Zbigniew Wojciech receiving an award for his excellent work in ensuring wide-spread adoption of e-learning at Toyota Motor Europe

What do these three people have in common? They will all speak at the Learning Technologies Conference in January. (Conference programme to go live next week.)

Puzzle of the evening: what’s the difference between a special mention and a commendation and what were they given out for? I’m sure that we’ll all be told at next year’s event.

One response to “The E-learning Awards

  1. I agree – a good night, but a couple of oddities.

    1. The fact that financial institutions did so well – despite the fact that they seem to have learnt nothing in practice. Hearing that RBS won an award for a programme recommending the virtues of financial prudence and budgeting caused some hilarity at the back of the room.

    2. The arrogance of the judges in finding ‘that the programmes in this category did not come up to standard’ was pathetic. These ain’t the Nobel Prizes. They need to relax a little and just name the winners.

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