It’s tough at the top, Mr Obama

Despite the headline, this is not another blog entry marking President elect Obama’s victory. It’s more serious and far more challenging.

At the end of last season my five-a-side football team, the Belmont Academicals, were promoted to the top division (well, the top division for Thursday nights in our part of West London, anyway). For many seasons we have tried to avoid promotion because – put simply – we know we’re just not good enough.

Our average age – approaching 45 – is more than twice some of our opposition. We ache as we lower ourselves onto the pub benches for a pint after each match. If we play each game as if it could be our last, it’s simply because it could be just that.

This Thursday we face the imposingly named Gravesen’s Army. This team was promoted with us, and we have never beaten them. A quick glance at the table shows they won their first game 11-3. And Thursday looms especially large for me for a very good reason. As goalkeeper, I’m the guy who carries the can each time we let one in. 

In comparison with this, waiting to run the world’s largest super power while the economy spirals into chaos should be pretty relaxing stuff.

Well, bring on Thursday. Playing it can’t be any worse than thinking about it. As Mr Obama is about to find out, it’s tough at the top.

PS – If you want to see the fall-out of explicit political blogging entries, then look at what happened when Clive Shepherd backed Obama. Far better to stick to serious subjects. Like football.


2 responses to “It’s tough at the top, Mr Obama

  1. Tough at the top? Far worse at the bottom surely?

    And anyone in our trade who sees the Obama phenomenon as political is missing a trick. His campaign was textbook leadership and management theory. Having had someone do what we tell managers and leaders to do, we now have a challenge of thinking up something better!

  2. Well written Donald, the analogy is really hilarious. Wonder how much Obama will ache finally settles on kick ass economy. Somehow I have lost trust on these ‘leaders’ we keep on paying taxes and get cheated all the time while they harp on doing nothing getting the kick all power gives. I sense that there is a transition going on at a very subtle level and in coming years the world be a very different place but the passage will be traumatizing and with unimaginable turns. You are having conferences about learning, must be very relevant but there are times when I feel that learning is a spontaneous process. I know the complexities of today’s world require fine-tuning the strategies but the basics are simple. The urge to survive is the greatest teacher. Perhaps there are many more facets that matured people like you explore in these conferences. All the best for the event.

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