SFIA Conference 2008


It’s that time of year again. Thursday sees the annual conference of the SFIA Foundation in London, and once again I am honoured to have been asked to chair.

SFIA, of course, stands for Skills Framework for the Information Age, and is usually pronounced Sophia, like Sophia Loren. Although a framework of some 80 skills defining the skills of an IT professional is arguably less attractive.

Registration for the conference has been closed, because we’re full, which is excellent news and shows that peple are still prepared to invest time and money in learning about how to deploy skills management in their organisations.

Speakers include Karen Price of e-skills UK, as well as Andrew Gay, head of IT for the Ministry of Justice. Although I shall of course be chairing quite impartially in my capacity as a member of the SFIA Council, I am delighted that a number of InfoBasis customers will both be attending and speaking.

The significance of the day, though, really revolves around the launch of the latest version of the framework: SFIA v4. If nothing else, the fact that SFIA has been around long enough to reach its 4th iteration surely demonstrates that this is now the standard for understanding and defining the skills of the 21st century IT professional.

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