Buzan, Birthdays and Conferences

We were lucky enough to have Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps, open the Learning Technologies Conference this week on Wednesday, 28th January.

It’s not often that you have someone speak that generates the sort of reaction that Tony Buzan does. Everyone seems to have read and used his books – in particular Use Your Head.

In the run up to the conference, several people told me that this book and the technique of mind-mapping had changed their lives. In particular, I was told, they had realised on reading it that they weren’t stupid, that it was possible to learn in different ways.

Anyway, Wednesday, 28th January also happened to be my birthday. I didn’t say anything to the audience as I opened the conference – it’s my job to stay in the background. However, I had mentioned my birthday to Tony the evening before over dinner.

On wrapping up his presentation,  Tony mentioned that this was an auspicious day. Not only was the Learning Technologies Conference 10 years old, but it was also Don Taylor’s birthday.

And he then led the audience of about 350 people in a spirited rendition of Happy Birthday to You.

It was a very happy moment, if slightly odd. After all, it really is my job to get everyone else into the limelight, but I enjoyed it and thanked the crowd.

Now it is late Friday afternoon, the weekend is here, and the conference is behind us. I am looking forward to relaxing a little and enjoying some postponed birthday treats with the family. But being serenaded by Tony Buzan wasn’t a bad way to start the celebrations.

3 responses to “Buzan, Birthdays and Conferences

  1. Happy Birthday and thanks for the link. The book seems to be an interesting one.

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday Don. 21 again!

  3. I am a bit unnerved with what I have just read about mind maps. I have been doing this and unknowingly using these very techniques. I need to read this book.

    Thanks again this is much more relevant than I first realised.

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