Tweet of the Week

There’s a lot of odd stuff on Twitter, but having been playing with it for a few months it seems like I’ve got in the groove finally and this week have seen some good stuff coming by.

What was the best of it? A close second was the revelation that Twitter was invented in 1935: and they had a business model! (hjarche retweeting @zecool @eogez).

But the coveted Tweet of the Week award goes to moehlert (retweeting @stoweboyd) for The Cult Of Done!. If you’re struggling to get anything done, visit the Cult for inspiration. 

The Cult of Done showed me something. Beyond the the usual moaning about planes and trains, those vital updates on people’s dining habits and a welter of excited tips on Twitter tools, something happened this week. Twitter acted as an accelerator of distribution. The Cult of Done has generated 72 comments in under 48 hours. I reckon that’s mostly on the back of re-tweeting.

If your idea goes viral on Twitter, expect some decent traffic.

How long before corporate marketing gets on the bandwagon?

One response to “Tweet of the Week

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    Very impressed by your website by the way.
    Alan Share

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