What is social media? A simple social media map

Ever get tired of explaining how Wikis, blogs and social networking differ from each other? Here’s my attempt to explain it – very simply – by assessing these social media according to whether they are mostly used for viewing or for creating content, and also according to whether the focus of that content is mostly about people or about information.

It’s a Slideshare Slidecast that runs a little over 5 minutes. Click the green ‘play’ button to begin.

Graphic not showing above? Click to see the original slidecast.


9 responses to “What is social media? A simple social media map

  1. Armen Jagharbekian

    Very nice and easy presentation, clearly describes the differences among Wikis, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Very nice presentation clearly explains when to use wikis, blogs and social networks

  3. Is it just me, or is there a link missing here?

  4. Hi Steve – you should be able to see an image of a slide show above. To play the slide show, with audio, click the green arrow in the middle of the bottom control section.

    In case your set up isn’t letting you see the embedded slide show above, I have now added a link through to Slideshare.net, where it should work.

  5. Great presentation. You covered most of the basics. What I’d really like to see is something that discusses the dark side of social media – risks, internal hurdles, automony, etc. It may be that I am biased because this is what my employer (www.brandprotect.com) does.

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  9. Beautiful presentation, makes learning so easy!

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