HR Tweet Up #connectingHR

Yesterday’s HR Tweet Up at the Square Pig in London was a palpable hit – a diverse, talkative bunch of people with plenty of interesting stuff to share.

A Tweet Up is where people you’ve mostly been in contact with virtually (typically on Twitter) get together to see what each other looks like, and learn how much drink they can handle. Organisers Jon Ingham and Gareth Jones did a great job of pulling together 100 registrations – and getting a 60-70% turn up. For a free event that’s very good – although the generously sponsored bar probably helped.

It’s always great to meet new people, share ideas and maybe learn something new about what they do. I’ve been following Martin Couzins on Twitter for a bit, for example, but wasn’t aware what exciting things he’s been doing for over a year with Yammer and some informal learning events he calls ‘elevenses’ at Reed.

For further reactions to the event (all very positive) see:

  • Callum Saunders (Key insight: Social Media is NOTHING without people)
  • Mike Morrison (Overheard: “I expected it to be a room full of people on laptops and geeks, but these are real people!”
  • Jon Ingham (who has all the photos of the event) 
  • Gareth Jones (Revelation: Twitter creates a whole new dynamic around bringing people together)

And a big welcome to Sean Miller who after attending the event is now on Twitter!

The next Tweet Up will be on 24th June. If the first is anything to go by, it will be a tremendous success.

(And for the event Twitter stream, just search for #ConnectingHR)

9 responses to “HR Tweet Up #connectingHR

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  2. Great to meet you, Don. I like the fact that at these events it is a lot easier to meet and greet people as you already have some sense of who they are and what they look like from their online profile – that’s if they are not a logo or avatar 🙂

  3. Great observations – also wonderful to catch up again – our conversations nearly always end up as “water cooler” moments.

    meet and tweet soon

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