A good talent management blog – apparently

It’s always nice to be recognised – even if you’re not quite sure how it happened. It turns out that I am apparently one of the Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management (for the list see here), according to HR Examiner.

What I like about this is that the lists are not produced by a bunch of self-appointed experts in a smoke-filled room, but using bias-free technology.

According to HR Examiner:

The Top 25 lists are machine generated. The process begins with the creation of a list of keywords that describe the area under investigation. Then, our partner, Traackr, spiders all of the search engine results for those words. That chunk of content is then mined for the most frequently occurring names.


Truth is, I’m a bit of an interloper. I’m not really an HR specialist, I’m more in the learning and technology spaces, but Talent Management continues to be a vital part of that. And I only just make the top 25 – at position … er … 24.

Head of the list, of course, is the redoubtable Jon Ingham, who really is an HR specialist with a prodigious output of good material on his Strategic HCM blog, and the smarts to organise London’s first HR Tweet Up. Given the interesting conversations I had that night (not to mention the very generous bar) I think I’ll continue to inveigle my way  into the HR community for some time to come.


4 responses to “A good talent management blog – apparently

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