Learning Technologies 2011 Conference (1 of 3) – the archive

January’s Learning Technologies 2011 Conference was a pleasure to chair and a great success.

We had a record number of visitors attending the four tracks over two days, with marvellous key notes from Roger Schank, Jonathan Margolis and Mike Campbell and great presentations from our wide range of other speakers.

It isn’t possible for anyone to visit all the sessions during the conference, so the video archive that we create on the Learning and Skills Group proves invaluable each year.

How does the archive work?

That picture at the top is Roger Schank lambasting the educational sector and sharing his thoughts on how people really learn. Click on it and you’ll be taken through to video of Roger speaking, synchronised with his slides.

Finding things in videos can be troublesome, so there’s a running thumbnail of slides at the bottom enabling you to jump to particular points. Also, it’s possible to search across the entire archive for particular key words, with the results taking you not just to presentations, but to specific points in those presentations.

And that archive is big: it reaches back to 2004 and covers some 300 presentations. Credit where it’s due for this huge task: the platform is provided by Datpresenter, while video was shot, and the AV provided by, Euro Presentations.

Well, that’s the easy part of the conference wrap up done – the conference resources. There are trickier pieces, however. As always the conference created plenty of debate, and now that a month has passed, it’s time for some reflection, so in my coming two posts I’ll be looking at:

Part 2 – How real is the upstairs/downstairs divide in learning technologies?
Part 3 – The importance of reflection


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