QR Codes and learning, Webinars and Twitter

In an hour’s time I’ll be hosting a Learning and Skills Group (LSG) webinar with Paul Simbeck-Hampson on QR codes, mobile tagging and learning. It promises to be fascinating. If you’re keen on following the reaction to this and other LSG webinars, just scan the QR code here to go straight to the Twitter feed. Thanks to Paul for the presentation and the code!

(90 minutes later) We’ve just finished the webinar, and it was a cracker. I realised that I’d missed something from this blog post: to find out more about QR codes, I’d recommend starting at Paul’s blog entry on the subject.

(23 hours later) Two more reflections on this webinar, which had about 140 attendees, plenty of interaction and a slew of positive feedback.

First – Paul took it very seriously, and had lots of material to draw on. He kindly tweeted this at the end:

I learnt preparation, rehearsal and content are the keys to effective Webinars – thanks @DonaldHTaylor

This is very gracious. It’s also right. As with all LSG webinars, we put a lot of time into preparing this session. In particlar we considered:

  • where to ask open questions to generate audience interaction
  • slide layout and the text/graphics balance
  • what Paul would say in his ‘loose script’
  • ensuring flow and momentum throughout the presentation
  • the balance of the general and the specific
  • fail-safe procedures in case anything went wrong
  • practicalities of handling Q&A at the end

The second point: this was a very successful webinar because of the time Paul into rehearsing it and – crucially – because of the content he had. More than any other kind of presentation, webinars need good content. Paul’s had plenty of that and as a result he has generated (at current count) over 70 requests for his free 22-page paper on QR Codes and mobile tagging.

You can find out how to request the free report, and read Paul’s reflections on his blog entry.

You can listen to a recording to the presentation here.

You can also read David Hopkins’ views and reflections here.

6 responses to “QR Codes and learning, Webinars and Twitter

  1. Thanks Donald, will see you there.

    All the best, David

  2. Now that is really cool ! Have a great event, Donald !

  3. Thanks, Don, for all the support before, during and after the Webinar, much appreciated.

  4. Good post Don, thanks. Preparation is crucial to the success of any webinar event. I know that without it my webinar on ‘How to use your voice brilliantly in online sessions’ wouldn’t have been as impactful. Having your help and guidance was a gift. That’s not to say it wouldn’t have been good enough without it, but I felt it certainly had more ‘pizazz’ and richer content as a result. You’re a wonderful mentor and I thank you.

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