Learning Live 2012 and a great backchannel

This year’s Learning Live – the annual conference of the Learning and Performance Institute – was an undeniable success.

This is not just a proud chairman speaking. Yes, it was a great experience to get together with Institute members and hear their thoughts and experiences over the past year, and to mix with the members of the International Think Tank as they considered the issues facing them with implementations of learning across countries and cultures.

The venue was great, the gala dinner a success, and our key speakers – Greg Whyte (live) and Elliott Masie (via video link) – were superb.

But there was one particular aspect of the conference that blew us all away: the backchannel.

Expertly shepherded by Lesley Price, the backchannel was so furiously busy that it topped the Twitter.co.uk trend chart for 6 consecutive hours on day 2 of the conference, and also topping Twitter.com at times, too (read the full report here).

As chairman of an Institute with a global mandate, this is fantastic news. We want the important things our speakers say at conference to be available internationally. The backchannel represents one simple way we can make that happen.

You can expect even more from the backchannel at LearningLive 2013. More on that in blogs to come. My first step in exploring the possibilities: a coffee and a chat with David Kelly (LnDDave) in New York next week.

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