Elliott Masie’s Learning Direction briefing in London

ElliotMasieLearningDirectionsUnderstanding the big picture – having of view of what’s going on beyond your immediate area of work – is always important in any profession.

Right now, for L&D, it’s crucial.

Things are shifting. Whether it’s hotter technology, weaker budgets or the changing expectations of both learners and managers, nothing is as it used to be. Caught up in the middle of this change, it’s difficult to sort the important from the trivial and to know what action to take.

That’s why I’m so glad that Elliott Masie is coming to London on 16th April to run his only ‘Learning Directions’ briefing outside the US this year.

Elliott has been a leading thinker in this industry for over three decades, and I’ve shared many conversations with him which have given me cause for thought. The London event in the series (the other 5 are in the US) is a chance to spend a day in conversation with him, getting away from the daily grind for a moment to consider where we’re heading.

It will be a discursive and wide-ranging day, with an emphasis on separating reality from hype. From details such as how we can get the most from User Generated Content, to the big picture view of some of the world’s learning leaders, the idea is to sort out what’s really important. For me, well-structured thinking time like this is essential when we’re setting our strategies for the future.

One thing I like about Learning Directions is that it’s not just a one-day event. Elliott will be providing a follow-up webinar, and further resources based on the feedback he collects during the six one-day sessions.

The Learning and Performance Institute (which I chair) will be hosting Elliott in London. Further information and details of how to register for the event are on the LPI site. Please note – places are limited, and LPI members are eligible for discounts.

I hope to see you in London on April 16th!

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