Which blogs to read in learning and development?

Yesterday in a phone call with a developing member of the L&D profession, I was asked which blogs I would recommend following. Following what I did last March to write What books to read in learning and development? and rather than simply produce a list from my own RSS feed, I put the question to my Twitter network:

Learning folks -which blogs should you follow to develop yourself in L&D? Was recently asked and would value your opinion

I kept this to 122 characters to enable retweeting to spread the word as widely as possible and was immediately rewarded with an RT from Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth). This started the ball rolling.

By the end of the day there were 14 suggested blogs. By the end of day two, it had more than doubled to these 29 (in alphabetical order):

Ben Betts
Bianca Woods
Cammy Bean
Cathy Moore
Charles Jennings
Clark Quinn
Clive Shepherd
Connie Malamed
Craig Taylor
David Kelly
Donald Clark
Donald H Taylor
Harold Jarche
Jane Bozarth
Jane Hart
Jason Silberman
Jay Cross
Josh Bersin
Julie Dirksen
Julie Drybrough
Mark Aberdour
Mark Berthelemy
Mark Oehlert
Nick Shackleton-Jones
Nigel Paine
Ryan Tracey
Steve Flowers
Steve Wheeler
Tom Kuhlmann

I can think of many names missing from this list, but as of today – 30th April 2013, I’m going to draw a line under it. However, if you feel that a great blogger is missing from this list, please feel free to add their name and blog URL in the comments section below.

Why am I stopping adding to this list? For the following reasons, which occurred  to me as the comments and suggestions came in:

First, another, very comprehensive list of 86 Workplace Learning Professionals who blog and/or tweet already exists, compiled by the redoubtable Jane Hart. I always tell other people not to re-invent the wheel on the internet, and am rather embarrassed to have done so myself.

Second, although this list is fine, if I allow it to grow by suggestion, it will soon get spammed by self-promoters. It’s certainly good enough now as a starter for someone beginning in L&D. (And once they’ve looked at these, they go to the super set of Jane’s list – see above.)

Third, and importantly, Stephanie Dedhar and others pointed out that ones’s area of interest changes as one’s role in L&D changes and one’s experience grows. While this is a good enough list for someone starting out, it certainly has biases. There a fair deal about strategy and design, for example, and not so much about performance improvement. My hope is that this short list will act as a jumping off point to other blogs.

My thanks to all those who contributed; my apologies to those whose blogs are not on this list (but who almost certainly are on Jane’s list) and my best wishes to all those in L&D who use this as a leaping off point to stretch themselves and keep learning about learning.

41 responses to “Which blogs to read in learning and development?

  1. @fuchsia_blue Julie Drybrough

  2. Definitely Jason Silberman – he blogs at Training Station.

  3. Hi Don. There is a great list here: http://ldglobalevents.com/l-d-resources/
    plus I am doing a monthly round-up of L&D blogs – last month here http://learnpatch.com/2013/03/top-ld-blog-posts-february-2013/ – I also include RSS feeds and Twitter profiles. Off the top of my head, I would be including some of the practitioner community – Andrew Jacobs, Sukh Pabial, Mike Collins, Nick Shackleton-Jones, Rob Jones, Niall Gavin plus Julian Stodd, Perry Timms, Dave Goddin. I could go on! There are some very good bloggers and sharers (yourself included!)

  4. I enjoy the wide ranging thinking from Julian Stodd:

    Can I also nominate my own up and coming blog?

  5. I’d also add Mark Berthelemy and Mark Aberdour

  6. I’d add Tom Kuhlmann and Connie Malamed.

  7. I really like Nick Shackleton-Jones’ stuff: http://www.aconventional.com/. Stuff on my Blog (http://www.androidgogy.com) isn’t bad either;)

  8. I’d definitely add Ryan Tracey & Clark Quinn

  9. Can’t believe Nick Shackleton-Jones isn’t on this list.

  10. Many thanks to all those who have contributed ideas. As of today (30 April 2013) I have updated the list with all suggestions made. I am now drawing a line under the list and no further additions will be made. Feel free to make suggestions beneath if you believe a blogger has been missed off this list (and yes, I know many have).

  11. So many names! Here’s some more who haven’t yet been mentioned: Alison Bickford, Guy Wallace, Mark Britz, Mark L. Sheppard, Holly Macdonald, Martin Risgaard, Helen Blunden, Nancy Rubin, Mike Collins, Mark Smithers… even then I’ve left so many out.

  12. Julie@fuchsiablue

    Surprised flattered & delighted to be named….
    I now have a lot of other blogs to read & catch up on. Much appreciated.

  13. Julie@fuchsiablue

    Mine would be Sukh Pabial
    Twitter: @sukhpabial
    Blog: http://pabial.wordpress.com

  14. This is a great list – included the ones in the comments. I’ve passed it onto my L&D colleagues in our organisation. Thanks Donald!

  15. Thanks for the kind words and for the suggestions. Can I ask one thing – if you have an addition to the list, please include the person’s Twitter handle and their blog URL. Thanks.

  16. Good list. For performance improvement, Todd Hudson’s blog The Lean CLO http://mavroundup.blogspot.com is a must-read. He’s @HeadMaverick on Twitter.

  17. Hi Don – notice my earlier comment is still awaiting moderation . . .

  18. I recommend adding Allison Rossett’s blog to the list: http://allisonrossett.com/

  19. Many thanks for all the comments and continued recommendations.

  20. Donald,

    Flattered to be included on this list and it’s a great way to find all the tremendous people who aren’t there 🙂 Maybe that was your sneaky agenda in the first place – to get us all to submit others’ names – if so, well played sir.

    I did want to say that while I do still blog at e-Clippings, I also use Scoop.it a great deal (http://www.scoop.it/t/it-s-all-social) and of course, tweet incessantly at @moehlert.

    I would also add another name; Ana Christina Pratas. She finds the most amazing things. Her about.me page is here: http://about.me/anacristinapratas and she posts great finds here: http://www.scoop.it/t/digital-delights-for-learners


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  27. Reblogged this on Ana-lògica al món 2.0 and commented:
    Pendiente revisar la lista entera de blogs!

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