What will be big in learning in 2014?

What will be big in learning in 2014? Over the coming weeks there will be phalanx of papers, blogs and other comment around this, and a regiment of Jeremiahs repudiating them. That’s not a bad thing. Providing the predictions are the product of reflection (rather than the empty noise of the social media echo chamber) they can be useful in making us think about where we’re going, regardless of how accurate they turn out to be.

So to stimulate some thinking and reflection, here’s a question: what do you think will be the key trends in learning in 2014?. Choose your top three or suggest something else:

I’ll almost certainly be writing a post with my own predictions for 2014 in a few weeks – it would be good to see how much our thinking overlaps, or doesn’t.

PS – if you think our propensity for trend-watching in L&D is a bit much, check out Wedding Shoe Trends for 2014.

1 December Update

If you’ve completed the poll and added an ‘Other’ comment, it remains buried in he poll engine. Here are the ‘other’ comments we’ve had so far, unedited:

Increased demand for value and results
Campaign based learning
Experience API
PLNs & peer networks
Games based learning
big data for L&D
Cognitive science
Online classroom delivery skills
Learning analytics
Mobile isn’t only delivery; video, curation, ugc, open, etc can all be mobile

6 January update

The poll is now closed. You can see the results in my video blog Three key learning trends for 2014

16 responses to “What will be big in learning in 2014?

  1. I certainly hope we are heading towards more personalized learning, as we already have the tools for doing that. Somehow the old thinking still persists, and we are trying to make choices for the learner, and thus hinder/slow down their learning process. I think the new take of the old saying is now:

    “If a student learns, but teacher didn’t document it, has learning really happened?”

    Thanks for your nice blog!

  2. Nina – thanks for your thoughts (and your work generally in education)! Don

  3. I added games based learning Don, which I believe is already making great inroads into the L&D sphere. It has a strong tradition in informal learning and also has a strong foothold in the compulsory education sectors.

  4. awww…’other’ isn’t shown in the poll results *sad face* I added PLNs and peer networks…

    • Good point Tanya – sorry it’s not added. On Monday I’ll put up a list of what the ‘others’ suggested so far are. Plenty of interesting contributions including your own. Thanks for taking part!

      • No worries Don, thanks for putting up the poll! I think it’s an excellent (and creative) way to post on the ‘trends in 2014’ commentary – crowdsourcing: great idea!

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  6. Good to see increased demands for regulatory training is low. Not my favourite admittedly.

    I agree with Tanya, I believe peer networks will be big (unless you classify that as collaborative learning?)

    Looking forward to the results!

    • Hey Helen! I did consider whether PLNs / peer networks might be classed as collaborative learning but decided it should be ‘other’ since PLNs (and to an extent peer networks) are by their nature self directed, informal and personal – collaborative learning isn’t necessarily (e.g. could be part of a formal learning experience, or organisationally directed). Also if you ascribe to Harold Jarche’s view, networks are (or should be) more “cooperative” than necessarily “collaborative”….

  7. Most of these will figure in 2014. But for me, the big trend is what’s behind it – the business needing performance, knowledge and talent as never before.

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