Three key learning trends for 2014

What will be hot in learning in 2014? This video draws on what I saw last year and on the results of my poll What will be big in learning in 2014? conducted in December 2013.

There are 13 things that people have been talking about a lot recently, including personalisation, mobile and video, but for me these are all facets of three larger trends:

  1. Maturing, widening deliver channels
  2. The networked individual
  3. The demanding business

These each place new demands on what the L&D professional does. To do our job well in the future, we’re going to need a bigger skill set.

I refer at the beginning of the video to two other predictions for 2014 that I have found carry a lot of insight. They are:

Human Resources, Learning, and Leadership: Our Ten Predictions for 2014
City & Guilds Kineo Learning Insights 2013

Have a great 2014!

By the way, the 11 original trends I suggested in my survey were:

Mobile delivery
Collaborative learning
Open everything (badges, MOOCs…)
Talent management
Knowledge management
The cloud
The new classroom
Increased demands for regulatory training

I also provided an option for ‘Other’. The most popular choices here were:

ROI/Showing the value of learning

This is where I get the 13 items that I talk about in the video.

The full survey results are:

4 responses to “Three key learning trends for 2014

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