My three favourite learning tools

Yesterday Training Zone‘s Jon Kennard interviewed me about what will be hot in L&D technologies in 2014, about the upcoming Learning Technologies conference and about my three favourite learning tools.

Jon has posted the interview on Mixcloud – just click to listen. If you don’t have 8 minutes to listen to the interview, here are those three favourite tools:

  1. Printed books
  2. Notebook and pencil
  3. Internet search

I added a fourth activity which I find invaluable for learning, but which is not really a tool: conversation. It is in conversation, after all, that we put what we have learnt to the test, often re-considering and re-shaping it in the light of others’ understanding. Done well, conversation acts as a sort of accelerated reflection.

(No mention of learning tools would be complete, of course, without a link to Jane Hart’s redoubtable annual survey of the top 100 tools for learning. If you haven’t checked it out, I can thoroughly recommended you do.)


4 responses to “My three favourite learning tools

  1. I think the list you give is really to the point. As a personal list, much as your is, I would expand it in this fashion:

    1) Books – printed and kindle: they are available and usable in different ways and with different price points
    2) Note taking ability – pen/pencil and paper or electronic: again, phone, tablet, voice recorder and so on all allow different ways to interact with notes depending on context
    3) No change, it’s perfect!

    • Fair play Jo – I’ve been really focused on reading paper books recently. I have a Kindle, and an iPad, and a Kindle Fire, but I find that nothing (yet) matches the efficiency and power of paper for me. Of course that may change.

      Notebooks …. I think I have a whole blog entry coming up about finding the perfect notebook 🙂

      What would your top 3 tools be?

  2. Do you like the paper books for post-its, highlighting, feel of the book or other things too…? I like them for those reasons. I also love the Kindle books for price and availability of being with me as my phone always is, my iPad sometimes is and my books aren’t usually there when I have five minutes!

    Notebook blogging: are you a bit of a stationery geek Don?

    I’ve been thinking about the tools for my own learning and I keep coming to mindset and attitude issues, such as willingness to learn, open minded, curiosity and so on.

    Tools I shall commit to now and reserve the right to change my mind:
    1) Twitter – never thought I would be a convert, but I am. So many research, connection and questioning possibilities.
    2) Blogs – including my own that I research and publish, but also reading the expertise and insights of others.
    3) Books (electronic or otherwise) – for depth of knowledge.

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