Who says compliance training has to be boring?

3 responses to “Who says compliance training has to be boring?

  1. instructionaldesignthatsoars

    Reblogged this on Kite Method and commented:
    Love this!

  2. It’s great – should anything go wrong, there’s video back up so the person could sue for loads and would be bound to get compensation.

    It’s very funny but, really difficult to use something like this. You’d only need one person to have a relative on flight MH370 for it all to become very icky.

    How about making compliance training like going to the dentist? http://whatyouneedtoknow.co.uk/should-elearning-be-like-going-to-the-dentist/

  3. I know what you mean, What You Need To. I’ve wondered along similar lines in relation to those Air New Zealand safety videos featuring Betty White or where they’re dressed in Hobbit garb.
    On the other side of the coin, if no one is paying any attention to the demonstration, that’s of no use either.
    I think the key is, despite the comical overlay, whether the key messages are conveyed. In this SWA example (and in the Air NZ examples too), I’d say they are.
    Perhaps issues might arise for people who struggle with the language or don’t appreciate the nature of the humour, but that’s where performance support kicks in. If the pertinent information is available via those laminated cards in the seat pocket, than that should suffice?
    And, of course, the passenger can flag down the cabin crew if they really don’t understand how to put on their life jacket.

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