Oh dear … what I learnt from Wordle today

First Rob Hubbard produced a word cloud during a webinar to get a sense of participants’ answers to a survey (see the recording here).

Then Ryan Tracey did a summary of his year’s blogs using a word cloud (see his post Thinking out loud).

“Excellent!” I thought. “I’ll do the same with my own blog. I wonder what I have been talking about all year?” I went to http://www.wordle.net/create and put one together. Here it is, and I’m not sure I need have bothered:2014 Blog WordleCall me crazy, but I think I can spot a trend here.

New Year’s resolution: a little more variation in the blog.

2 responses to “Oh dear … what I learnt from Wordle today

  1. Not that surprising that learning is your biggest topic but maybe as a tag its not that useful? Curious if it’s about more variation in blog topics or maybe more definitive signposting? Just a thought.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t take it too seriously, although you’re right. The signposting probably is an issue. As for the Wordle, I’m delighted that “beans” was the same size as “video”, although slightly disturbed at the way “three” is so much bigger than “five” – I clearly favour the former way too much.

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