The state of L&D in two tweets

Over the past 24 hours I have had Twitter exchanges with some people who really made me think about where we are in learning and in the L&D profession, against the backdrop of the huge changes that are taking place in our working lives.

The second of these was this morning (19 December), in reply to the regular Friday morning #LDInsight Tweet chat. The question was “What would you give to learners this Christmas?” This is Katherine Chapman’s response:

Which I though summed things up beautifully.

10 hours earlier, I had been in conversation with Todd Tauber, Tom Gram and Guy Wallace about the changing nature of work and the impact on workplace and the L&D department. Todd summed up the conversation succinctly:

For me these comments are two faces of the same coin. There is an ideal state of learning integrated into the workplace that successful organisations will head towards. Those that do not integrate individual and organisational learning practices into their daily working life will lose competitive advantage and fail.

What is L&D’s role in this? It can ignore the change, facilitate it, or even lead it, but the change is happening.

Our response, and our fate, are in our own hands.



3 responses to “The state of L&D in two tweets

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  2. Reblogged this on GemStGem and commented:
    Wise words on not resting on our laurels as learning professionals – let’s keep innovating, especially in light of this from Harold Jarche:

    I seem to be acutely aware of obsolescence at the moment; I think we have a challenging (but exciting) few years ahead: in learning, social, tech and digital. The Verge sums it up beautifully in this article about how ‘Now is the new 90s’. Watch out for that bubble and keep your sights as far into the future as you can…

    Interesting times…

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