The WordPress ‘Blogroll’ sidebar doesn’t give the flexibility or space I need, hence a page dedicated to these important people:

Talent Management/HCM Comment

Jason Corsello Great views and facts on HCM / TM tools and marketplace
Jim Holincheck Solid research and thinking, often with a twist of humour
Jon Ingham HCM insight from a commentator who’s actually done it himself!

HR & HR Systems

Dave Lefkow Writing as ‘Director of Recruiting’ – plenty of experience to share
Know HR Witty thoughts on HR and blogging. Vendors, but you’d never know.
Systematic HR Regularly delivers new well thought-out HR Tech postings
Tom O’Brien A vendor unafraid to tell it like it is on HR, HCM and technology.

Work and Performance

Gautam Ghosh Top Indian Management Consultant and blogger
Robert Cenek Intelligent, research-based thinking on work and productivity
Steve Roesler Straight talking on HR and more in the world of work


Clive Shepherd E-learning professional with insight and experience
Colin Steed  Institute of IT Training Chief Exec., passionate about training
David Wilson EMEA analyst focused on innovation in corporate learning.
Donald Clark A well-informed view on technology-based learning and more
Jay Cross Thoughful, insightful and often uplifting insights into learning
Nigel Paine The BBC’s former head of L&D thinks big about learning

LEARNING Technologies

John Curran Shares thoughts on e-learning design

Knowledge Management

Dave Snowden KM guru seemingly at odds with the world’s airfleet
David Gurteen Massive resource centre on KM
Luis Suarez Profilic KM/learning commentator with a strong tech bias

4 responses to “Blogroll

  1. Donald,

    Thanks for the links.
    Very useful

  2. Pingback: CLTI - Donald H. Taylor at Sims Learning Connections

  3. Donald

    Really enjoyed your article on TrainingZone regarding building business acumen in HR and Training Professionals. As specialist in business simulations that enable individualds and teams to build business acumen we thought we would be knocking at an open door when offering to assist training professions with their own developemnt. However, many in the profession still appear unaware of the need to develop in this area. As we often deal with C level executives, I can honestly say they too are frustrated that more training professionals do not try to develop their business acumen skills.I hope your article will stimulate the profession to move forward in this area.

    Well done!

  4. Dear Donald,

    I’m a student of MBA, my bacheler degree was software engineering and i’m working as HRIS officer position in a multinational company, i had an appointment with my professor today to talk about my final project of MBA i was intrested to talk about developing a model to calculate ROI of organizational training, but before meet him i searched again in internet and i found something from you (why training ROI doesn’t mater) anyway i canceled the appointment and i like to ask you help in my final project subject, because i want my project use my software and database attitude and also be related to HR! and i found out you have this wisdom to help me about this issue!
    my intrests are in: performance management and metric, HRIS, e-learning, knowledge management via organization portal

    Thanks for your attention and response in advance

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