Rather than clutter up my slide decks with references and URLs that aren’t easy to use, I’ve put them here where they might actually (I hope) prove useful.

Links to this page: and

Lectora User Conference 2015

Here’s my Keynote for the Lectora Conference, Nashville 2015.


Click to download the presentation from TEGEP Zivre, Istanbul 2014.


The resources and references for my talks are available in a five-page document. Click to download as a PDF. Alternatively, below are individual links to the resources I use in producing my  presentations:

Donald H Taylor: The Training Ghetto

CEOs make Human Capital and Operational Excellence their top priorities: Summary of Conference Board Survey 2013
Summary of Conference Board Survey 2014

L&D/HR is not perceived as agile by CEOs: Economist Intelligence Unit, 2009

12 Global trends urgency and capability gap: Deloitte, 2013

“all models are wrong, but some are useful” George Box

RGS Guildford chained library photo: RGS website

Roger Schank’s 12 Cognitive Processes

David R Krathwohl A Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy: An Overview

Key People

Nigel Harrison’s Performance Consulting website

Jane Hart’s: Top 100 Tools for L&D

Andrew Jacobs’s: blog and Twitter

Video of 70:20:10 from Charles Jennings

Clive Shepherd’s blog

Julian Stodd’s Digital Learner

Sharon Mbow webinar Demonstrating the value of L&D

Learning and Performance Institute‘s Learning Capability Map

The Learning and Performance Institute Learning Survey

Related Books

The Small Big – Steve Martin et al

Scaling up Excellence – Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao

Performance Consulting – Nigel Harrison

The Learning Challenge – Nigel Paine

Revolutionize Learning and Development – Clark N Quinn

On Organizational Learning – Chris Argyris

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide – Edgar H. Schein

The Fifth Discipline – Peter M Senge

For other books to read, see: What books to read in L&D

Related Blogs

For some blogs to read, see: Which blogs to read in L&D

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