Don Taylor is a veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at every level from delivery to chairman of the board.

A recognised commentator and organiser in the fields of workplace learning and learning technologies, Don is passionately committed to helping develop the learning and development profession.

Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010, his background ranges from training delivery to managing director and vice-president positions in software companies. Donald took his own internet-based training business from concept to trade sale in 2001 and has been a company director during several other acquisitions. Now based in London, he has spent lived and travelled extensively outside the UK and now travels regularly internationally to consult and to speak about workplace learning.

You can find Don on Twitter and LinkedIn.

His various roles include:

  • chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, an international body aiming to improve the skills of trainers in all subjects
  • chairman of the Learning Technologies Conference and the associated Learning and Skills Group, a virtual forum of some 4,000 learning professionals world-wide
  • facilitator of the Learning Directors’ Network, a collection of some of the leading training companies in the UK
  • consultancy and advice to enterprises and vendors in the learning field

He is focused on skills development and technology, and in particular on making sure that people and businesses have the skills they need. Don believes this is best supported by using technology effectively – that is by understanding business needs and concentrating on engaging both learners and managers rather than concentrating on technical details and new features.

In January 2007, he was presented with the Colin Corder for an ”outstanding contribution to IT training”.

Whether on stage or online, Donald is an engaging speaker and faciliator, combining passion, humour and anecdotes as well as making sure that the audience gets involved. He chairs several national conferences on learning in the UK and speaks widely internationally.

Click to read more about  Donald’s speaking topics and upcoming engagements.

Don calls himself ‘Donald H Taylor’ because there are many other Don Taylors out there – Wikipedia gives an idea of just how many. They include a composer, a Canadian flat track champion, Bob Marley’s manager, a sportscaster and a celebrated actor:

Don Taylor Composer Don Taylor Canadian Flat Track Champion Don Taylor Bob Marley Manager Don Taylor Sportcaster Don Taylor Actor

Don is no relation to any of these nor to former voice-over specialist Don La Fontaine. If you have made it to the bottom of this page, reward yourself by chuckling along to Don La Fontaine’s video.

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